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Frequently Asked Questions


Applied Shelters?  What is the significance of the name?

In addition to good design and cosmetic appearance, we believe your home should work well from a common sense point-of-view; be practical and energy efficient. Hence, the word ?applied?. ?Shelters? is self-explanatory. It?s not just drywall, paint, and trim we care about. That which exists behind the facade is of equal importance.

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How will our lives be affected through the duration of this project?

Demolition and construction tend to make remodeling projects messy and disruptive to the daily routine of homeowners? lives.  It takes a special relationship and trust (on your part) to allow strangers into your house as it is torn apart and then rebuilt.  We appreciate this fact and are sensitive to your needs.  Keeping the job-site clean and minimizing disruption is one of our major goals.

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Who does the work?

We do. Subcontractors are used only to a limited degree. Subs that we do use have been chosen because of the quality of their work, values that mirror our own, and a continued positive working relationship.

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Do you have insurance?

We are fully insured with Workmen?s Compensation and Business Liability.  Insurance certificates are available upon request.

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What about the materials?

All materials used in our projects are of recognized brand names purchased from local reputable suppliers known for quality and service.  We maintain an excellent relationship with them and use only those who have a reputation for standing behind their products.

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What is the usual procedure to get this project underway?

Job-scope, design alternatives, and a probable budget are discussed at the initial on-site meeting.  With the continual input of your vision, drawings (2-D & 3-D) are prepared, and a realistic budget is determined.  This information is reduced to a detailed proposal along with all required drawings to be submitted to the township.  Applications are made for the necessary permits.  With the proposal agreed and permits secured, a start date is estimated.   Your vision, your dream will soon be realized.

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When is payment made?

Payment is due at various stages of completion.

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Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee our workmanship. Usually any defect in workmanship will become obvious within a year. Will we correct a problem two, three, four years later? Yes, if it is reasonable and truly caused by a problem in workmanship. We prefer not to state a time after which we have no legal responsibility. What is honest and reasonable is the standard that is important to us. Material and product guarantees are as stated by the manufacturer.

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